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prefab offices

Thinking out of the box

DMS Africa offers prefab offices as the most flexible, moveable, and reusable solution for multipurpose, dynamic offices.

Ease and speed of installation are essential to the turnkey aspect of temporary and semi-permanent offices. Prefab offices from DMS Africa permit many different configurations, from single office buildings to large, integrated facilities. Our structures can readily be stacked to three high for maximum use of available floor space.

We do have an understanding of the work flow dynamics of an office environment within individual departments or work groups and can help with the design of any office environment. We can advise on solutions based on budget, number of people in the working environment and the time scale available before the office shall be fully functional.

Offices from DMS Africa is modular and can be relocated to a new site for a fraction of the cost of a new module. Lifecycle cost are, therefore, kept to a minimum.

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Office phone:

Denmark +45 2279 3670

Africa +254 (0) 718 174 154