DMS Africa offers you fuel and lubricants solutions

DMS Africa Fuel can source and deliver the following grades of fuel across South Sudan:

Diesel | Gasoline | Aviation Fuel | Lubricants | Furnace Oil


Bulk Supply

DMS Africa Fuel has the capability to reliably supply the largest of orders on a regular basis. Whether your fuel requirement is within Juba or in the most remote parts of South Sudan, DMS Africa Fuel will ensure that you have the product you need to fuel your operations. We have strategic sourcing arrangements with both global petroleum traders and our own trading offices in both Kenya, Sudan and Dubai in order to guarantee access to sufficient product volumes. We also have the deep logistical experience required to manage a consistent secure supply chain from Kenya and Sudan into South Sudan.

Tailored Logistical Solutions

DMS Africa Fuel has experience supplying by road, river air. We have options for bulk delivery solutions via tanker or barge as well as rapid response solutions delivering in drums or bladders by speed boats and chartered air crafts. Low Volume Supply Many of our clients have smaller volume requirements and, as such, are often subject to frequent supply shortages and variable product quality.

At DMS Africa Fuel we have a special division that caters to the needs of our lower volume customers. We recognize the need for a professional and reliable supply at a reasonable price and offer daily deliveries with our metered trucks.

Integrated Storage Supply Solutions

At DMS Africa Fuel we work closely with our clients to develop the optimal supply solutions for their needs. Often we find that limited storage capacity at the site of consumption makes fuel supply much less economic for our clients.

DMS Africa Fuel not only recommends the optimal size and type of storage facility but we also manage and, in some cases, finance the construction of the facilities at our customers' sites. These integrated solutions help our customers to achieve the optimal mix of reliability and cost effectiveness in their fuel supply. DMS Africa Fuel have a 600 MT storage facility in Juba and other bulk storage facilities around the country operated in our own name.


The DMS Africa Fuel Difference

DMS Africa Fuel benefits greatly from the mix of our partner companies.

We are able to leverage our local expertise to develop solutions appropriate for South Sudan while at the same time drawing on our international experience to ensure that we are utilizing international best practices and maintaining a dedication to quality and safety. All of this is underpinned by a culture of excellence- a dedication to our customers, our suppliers, our employees and our community to continuously improve and to act with integrity.

At DMS Africa Fuel we genuinely value our customers and work closely with them to achieve their fuel supply needs. We recognize that our products are literally the lifeblood of many companies organizations and we take that responsibility seriously.

The key differentiators that set us apart from the competition are reliability and professionalism. DMS Africa Fuel works to a strict quality plan which controls the process from bulk fuel loading point outside South Sudan until delivery at the end destination to the client. Our quality plans define the integrated quality process involving both storage, transport and delivery of the fuel product. The quality plan defines everything from fuel testing, over maintenance and cleaning of trucks and tanks to tracking of fuel in the delivery process to end customer.


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DMS Africa offers you fuel and lubricants solutions
DMS Africa offers you fuel and lubricants solutions
DMS Africa offers you fuel and lubricants solutions